Annual Giving Campaign

Raphael Academy student and teacher water the garden with a hose

Annual Giving Campaign

A Letter from Our Executive Director

Dear Friend of Raphael Village,

This year at Raphael Village we are Imagining, Inspiring, and Igniting our mission to support differently-abled individuals in becoming fully engaged in life and community. Serving the needs of extraordinary individuals requires an extraordinary effort on behalf of all of our teachers, coworkers, parents, and administrative staff.  Together, we continue to Imagine what the world for individuals with exceptionalities might be, Inspire others to get involved, and Ignite a sense of passion for creating a more inclusive world that our hearts know is possible.

Both Raphael Academy and The Guild at Raphael Village are meeting the needs of high school students and adults who are looking to be active participants in life and community.

Donations to the Annual Giving Campaign will support programming such as:

  • Specialty Classes at Raphael Academy (Performing Arts, Movement, and Handwork)
  • Performing Arts Program supplies (sets, costumes, and props, fiber studio, painting, and more)
  • The Culinary, Bakery+Market, & Gardening Programs at The Guild
  • Community Engagement: Ongoing Social and Cultural Enrichment for both students and Guild members

There are many ways you can support our work at Raphael Village, volunteer at one of our events, donate to the Annual Giving Fund, sponsor an event,  or attend the fall Tennis and Pickleball Fun-Raiser and spring Soiree.   As we move ahead into the giving season, please know how grateful we are to all of our friends and supporters; Raphael Village wouldn’t be possible without YOU!

Please make your tax-deductible donation today and help us move closer to our 2023-24 Annual Appeal goal of $125,000.

With gratitude,

Jacqueline Case

Fall 2023

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Give to Raphael Village

Help us reach $125,000 by the end of 2022 to ensure that our students and adults receive the best possible education and life-long support they deserve. Send your generous donation to the address below or visit our Donate page to make a secure donation.


By Mail:

Raphael Village
517 Soraparu Street, Suite 104
New Orleans, LA 70130

Thanks to our 2022 Annual Giving Campaign Sponsors!


The Gustav W. McIlhenny Foundation

  • The Olsonfive Fund
  • Barrett and Janice Green
  • The Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation
  • Mark Redding and Jackie Case
  • Roy Amedee Jr.
  • Gene and Marjorie Bilotti
  • Gretchen Case and Robert Wollman
  • The Gray Insurance Company
  • Stephen Griffin
  • Margaret Hennington
  • Mary Lucy and David Lane
  • Merritt Lane
  • Dr. Eric Simon and Cathy Lazarus
  • John and Denny Melton
  • Peggy Mendoza
  • Jill Nalty
  • Catherine Robbins
  • Terry Sheeley
  • The Julie D. Brown Charitable Trust
  • Owen Brown
  • Ellen Case
  • Julia Garcia Diaz
  • Elizabeth English and David Fike
  • Lucio Fragoso
  • Elizabeth Futrell
  • Miriam Hollar
  • Scott LaCaze
  • Crickett and Andrew Lapeyre
  • Ann Lopez
  • Mark Manguno
  • Brent and Gena Morgan
  • Foster Nash
  • Larry and Carol Siegel
  • Dr. Kristen and Paul UnKauf
  • Erica Adams
  • Nedra Jasper Alcorn
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
  • Rita Amedee
  • Arin Assero
  • Wanda Aguillard
  • Pamela Baines
  • Beverly Ball
  • Ashley Barnes
  • Mark Berger
  • Amy and John Bogusz
  • Judy Bracy
  • Carmen and Maurice Brown
  • Ruth Forrest Brown
  • Geoffrey Campbell
  • Loralee Cehajic
  • Helena Cunningham
  • Drs. Bill and Missy Curran
  • Laurel Dalton
  • Michael Davidson
  • Germaine Davillier
  • Robert and Maylayne DeMars
  • Janis Demouchet
  • Elaine and John Dimiceli
  • Zoe Dinkins
  • Therese Duke
  • Abrie Du Plooy
  • Errol Eccles
  • Bob Edmundson and Kathleen Park
  • Deborah Elam
  • Marie Erie
  • Camille Fieber
  • Marianne Fieber
  • Carla Fishman
  • Richard Foley
  • Catherine Fuselier
  • Miles Granderson
  • Leslie Grant
  • Bobby and Lucille Griffin
  • Michael Grumich
  • Janine Guillot
  • Elisabeth Harrington
  • Sylvia Harrison
  • Thomas Hauck
  • Wonda Hayes
  • Tanya Haynes
  • William Herman
  • Anthony and Marcia Hudson
  • Robert Jackson
  • Barbara and Ben Johnson
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Eileen Johnson
  • Terry Johnson
  • Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation
  • John Jordy
  • Lisa Jordy
  • Jerry and Gina Karcher
  • Rebecca Keel
  • Julia King
  • Kirschman Foundation
  • Dennis Knox
  • Amelia Koch
  • Nicole Laborde
  • Diana Lewis
  • Michelle Lewis
  • Ann Lopez
  • Brandy McIntire
  • Caroline Melton
  • Shelley and Donald Meltzer
  • Carol Michel
  • Jaime Michel
  • David Miller
  • Peggy Mitts
  • Charles Monteith
  • Sandra And Haywood Morgan
  • Wanda Muller
  • Lilly Olson
  • Dan Oser
  • Mary and Keith Perrin
  • Nancy Piraquive
  • Deborah Plumley
  • Alex Podesta
  • Sabrina Quave
  • Andrea Thomas-Reynolds
  • Nancy Rhett
  • Vonda Rice
  • Robin Roberts
  • Denise Robertson
  • Robert Roth and Cynthia Robbins Roth
  • Margaret Runyon
  • Joseph Schwertz
  • Traci Simon
  • Erin Slife
  • Dena Sponheim
  • Jaden Stafford
  • Karen Stephens
  • Megan Stevens
  • Jay and Janie Stewart
  • Toya-Barnes Teamer
  • Michael Tisserand
  • Lauren Underwood
  • Marian Wallis
  • Pasha Walther
  • Moira Walter
  • Madeline West
  • Pamlea White
  • Conlee Whiteley
  • Margo Whiteside
  • Stacey Williams
  • Lisa Winslow
  • Judy Wollman
  • Denise Young
  • Joseph Zeringue
  • Michael Zimmerman

“Alessandro enrolled in Raphael Academy three years ago, since then his confidence level has increased. The staff and team there truly care about him and his progress, ensuring his path to personal independence.”

—Peggy Mendoza

Raphael Village is a 501c(3) organization; EIN number 82-1693179. All donations are tax deductible.