Programs & Curriculum

Guild member reads underneath a tree

Programs & Curriculum


The Guild focuses on continued life skills that each individual needs for greater independence both at home and in the community. We offer a variety of post-secondary education options for our young adult members, including life skills programs, vocational training/internships, and artist guild training. The Guild is in the process of becoming a Supported Employment vendor to further our mission of engaging Guild members in work and community. Continued academics (reading and math skills) may be part of a member’s weekly schedule to further employment opportunities and independence.

Life Skills Training

Our members continue to develop and strengthen their daily life skills through all of the various programs offered at The Guild. Life skills include:

  • Time and financial management
  • Self-care and wellness practices
  • Social skills and bodily awareness
  • Emotional management and balance
  • Meal preparation
  • Personal goal setting

Artist Guild Training

Through our various training programs, members of The Guild develop various creative skills that can translate to professional work in a variety of artistic or creative fields. Members can take on new levels of responsibility and expertise over time, making the journey from Apprentice, to Journeyman, to Master Craftsperson.

Woven towel made in The Guild's Fiber Studio

Fiber Studio

The Fiber Studio, our weavery, offers a wide range of hand-working opportunities such as weaving, sewing, and felting. Items are then sold within the local community.

Ceramic coffee cups made by Guild members

Ceramics Program

Small group weekly ceramics classes are offered in partnership with YAYA. Working with clay requires a lot of will power to transform hard earth into something that is both useful and beautiful. Items made in the community studio class are also sold from time to time in the community.

Guild artwork hangs in the window

Multimedia Arts Instruction

Members can choose to participate in weekly arts instruction that includes instruction in creative writing, drama, studio art, cooking and baking.

Community Engagement and Vocational Training

Job Exploration Program

Through this program, Guild members have the opportunity to strengthen their professional skills, explore various fields of work to discover their interests, and may even participate in unpaid internships with various local organizations.

Supported Employment

The Guild is in the process of becoming a Supported Employment vendor to further our mission of engaging Guild members in work and community.

A Day at The Guild

8:30–8:45 am
Morning Meeting, where members review their daily schedules and upcoming community events

8:45–12:00 pm
On- and off-site vocational training/internships. Includes a 30-minute break.

12:00–12:45 pm
Lunch and social time

12:45–2:45 pm
Afternoon on- and off-site vocational training/internships, academics, drama, health and wellness, and community outings.

3:00–5:00 pm
Extended Day Program (additional fees may apply)