Transition Class

Raphael Academy student and aide smile sitting at the desk

9th–12th grade

Transition Class

Transition Class Overview

In the Transition Classroom, students focus on core Waldorf curriculum topics such as: modern and world history, Shakespeare, mythology, world geography and map making, physiology, physics, chemistry, and algebra. Alongside the Main Lesson, the Unique Learning System Curriculum is used as a teaching tool for pre-vocational and life skills, creating a unifying thread between academics and greater independence. Daily Ability Groups continue to reinforce each student’s individual math and reading skills.

A Typical Day in the Transition Class

Students begin their day with movement exercises and recitation followed by Main Lesson and Ability Group instruction. After lunch students are engaged in either specialty classes such as Handwork, Music, and Physical Education or pre-employment training and Unique curriculum studies.

Unique Curriculum for Student Success

The award-winning Unique Learning System is a one-of-a-kind program designed specifically to give students with complex learning needs meaningful access to the general education curriculum.

The Unique curriculum offers:

  • Differentiated lesson plans to reach students with diverse learning abilities
  • Compliance with all state standards and ESSA regulations
  • Social-emotional skills development
  • Data tracking and progress monitoring for IEP reporting

A Curriculum for Life

Transition classroom students, ages 16 and older, are introduced to pre-employment training and employment opportunities through our Job Exploration Program (JEP). The JEP allows students to experience different job settings and types of work so that they can discover their individual likes and dislikes pertaining to future employment goals. The community vocational training portion of JEP is likely to be paused for the immediate future due to COVID-19. However, we will resume going into the community once it is safe to do so.

Student Placement

Raphael Academy offers a Transition Classroom for high school students ages 15 and older. For students joining the class after the age of 18, placement in either the Transition Class or The Guild (Raphael Village’s young adult day program) is based on the individual’s interview, class visit, conversations with parents, and faculty recommendations.


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