Guild members sit together on the New Orleans streetcar

Guild members sit together on the New Orleans streetcar Movement exercises with Raphael Academy students Raphael Academy student smiles on the swing in the playground

That Good May Become

Supporting differently-abled people in becoming fully engaged in life and community.

Community Announcements

Construction on the new Town Center is nearly complete!

The Town Center at Raphael Village will be located at 530 Jackson Avenue and will serve as the hub for our urban life-sharing village.

Looking for a school for your K-12 student? Schedule a private tour of Raphael Academy!


For a private tour, contact our Enrollment Director, Melissa Tierney, at [email protected] or at 504-524-5955.

What is Raphael Village?

Raphael Village

Raphael Village is an Affiliate Member of the Camphill Association of North America. We are a non-profit organization comprised of three programs—Raphael Academy, The Guild, and The Hearth—that aid differently-abled individuals in leading purposeful and enriching lives. We provide educational, vocational, and social inclusion support for individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. We support our students’ and members’ unique unfolding so that they may be actively engaged in life and community.

Raphael Academy student smiles at his desk

Raphael Academy

Raphael Academy is a state-licensed school for Kindergarten through 12th grade students with developmental disabilities. We are the only Curative Waldorf-inspired school in New Orleans dedicated to understanding and nurturing the varied abilities of all our special needs students.

Guild member displays her completed weaving

The Guild

The Guild is a day program for differently-abled individuals aged eighteen and older. Our day program provides members with continued academic education, as well as the vocational, social, and life skills necessary to lead full and purposeful lives in our community.

Guild member smiles while gardeningGuild member smiles while gardening

The Hearth

The Hearth is our future network of residential homes where adults with disabilities and their caregivers will cooperatively live together in a life-sharing community. We expect The Hearth to have established its first home by 2023.