Early Childhood

Ages 4–6

Early Childhood

The Sunflower Program

The Sunflower program gives children in Pre-K and Kindergarten (ages four to six), who may have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down syndrome, or other intellectual disabilities, a holistic learning experience from the beginning of their education.

Students in our Early Childhood program are provided with a socially and emotionally rich environment for learning and play, which will set the foundation for their educational journey while at Raphael Academy and beyond.

Our small group sizes and home-like setting allow our instructors to get to know every student individually, fostering each child’s love for learning and exploration at the pace each child needs.

Early Childhood Curriculum

Our school uses an adapted Waldorf and Curative curriculum for students who need a more practice-oriented approach to academics. If you’re a parent or guardian who wants to know more about Waldorf and Curative education, visit our FAQ page to learn about these educational models and how Raphael Academy has adapted them for our students.

Students in the Early Childhood program focus on learning through play and small structured group activities (see below). These, and other activities, encourage children to explore and engage with the world around them and exercise their powers of imagination and self-determination. Our Early Childhood curriculum lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning.

A typical Early Childhood curriculum at Raphael Academy incorporates activities such as:

  • ​Free play
  • Gardening
  • Seasonal activities and festivals
  • Music and singing
  • Experiential learning
  • Outdoor activities
  • Drawing​​ and watercolor painting
  • Baking and snack preparation
  • Circle time
  • Fairy tales and puppet shows
  • Beeswax modeling


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