Middle Grades

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5th–8th grade

Middle Grades

Middle Grades Overview

While continuing to build upon the skills introduced in the Early Grades, middle school students explore exciting subject matters such as: creative writing, grammar, the history of ancient civilizations, Rome, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, world geography, botany, chemistry, and physics.

The Shape of a Lesson

Lessons are often interdisciplinary. For example while studying Rome, students learn about the first congress, how cities were laid out on grids, and what a typical Roman diet consisted of. The teacher and students discuss laws or rules and how they pertain to students’ everyday life (classroom etiquette). Maps of the city of New Orleans or other US cities are studied to see where examples of the Roman grid can still be found today and how we use maps to find our way around town. Additionally, students prepare a traditional Roman meal and discuss how food was transported and stored prior to refrigeration.

A Classroom Made for Creativity

Our classrooms are unique in that they are adorned with art, natural materials, fresh flowers, and rich colors. School festivals support the natural rhythm of the seasons throughout the academic year and deepen the connection between human beings and nature.

A Day in Raphael’s Middle Grades Class:

Our Middle Grades classroom begins a typical day with singing, recitation, and movement exercises before beginning their Main Lesson. Following these morning activities and a short break, students begin their Ability Group instruction, where each child’s specific level of reading and math is further developed. After lunch and social skills development, students participate in Handwork and Extra Lesson , followed by Music, Movement, Vocabulary, and Classroom Chores before dismissal.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is rich in literature, drama, art, and music, so that the imagination of the child is fostered throughout the educational process. Visit our Curriculum Overview to read more about our Middle Grades curriculum.


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